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1 mi = 1.609 km
2 = 3.219
3 = 4.828
4 = 6.437
5 = 8.047
10 mi  = 16.093 km
50       = 80.467
100     = 160.934
500     = 804.672
1000   = 1609.344

Mile to km Conversion

In modern times, the international statute mi is by international agreement. It is defined to be precisely 1,760 international yards (by definition, 0.9144 m each) and is therefore exactly 1,609.344 metres (1.609344 kilometres). A kilometre is 0.621371192 mi. It is used in the United States and the United Kingdom as part of the U.S. customary and Imperial systems of units, respectively. The components of the International Statute Mi are the same as those of the English Parliamentary Statute of 1592, that is 8 furlongs, 80 chains or 5,280 international feet.

The Statute Mi is the distance typically meant when the word mile is used without other qualifying words (e.g. Nautical Mile, see below). It was named "Statute" by the English parliament in 1592 during the reign of Elizabeth I. Mi was defined the as 5,280 feet or 1,760 yards or 63,360 inches.

Before the statute of the English parliament, there was confusion on the length of the "mile". The Irish mile was 2240 yards (6720 ft) and the Scottish mile was the length of the so-called Royal Mile in Edinburgh, from the Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, and was 1976 yards (5928 ft). In England the Roman mile of 5,000 feet was often used, a length not divisible without fractions into furlongs or yards (5000 ft = 1666 2/3 yards). For other "miles" see the list below. In the late 1500s, accurate ground mapping was becoming commonly available, such as Saxton's maps of the English Counties. Therefore, a standard mile became more important than before, hence the Parliamentary Statute. It may also have been related to the potential for taxation, for which a standard measure across the country would be required to prevent regional arguments about length and area.

All of the metric conversions (conversions to km / kilometres ) follow from the international agreement, made in 1960, that one inch equals 25.4 millimetres (2.54 centimetres) exactly. There are 12 inches to a foot and all of the feet-to-metre conversions (and vice versa) follow.



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