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Current time in Moscow:
9:03:16 pm (21:03:16)

Date in Moscow, Russia:

This web page displays exact current local time and date in Moscow. To refresh the page please click the "Refresh" button. Please note that Moscow time zone is UTC/GMT +3 hours and Daylight saving time is not used. Clock you see on this web page does not have any relation to your computer clock and is taken directly from web server located in Moscow, Russian Federation. The normal delay is 1 second which is passed to transfer the content to your computer and display the copy in your browser. Moscow city is the capital of Russian Federation and also known under native name Moskva (Vremia v Moskve - stands for Local Time in Moscow, Rossiya is a native name of Russia). Moscow is widely known as Moskva in the former Soviet Union Countries. The native name of Russian Federation is Rossiya.


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